LGBT Bristol has Closed down

On 30th September 2020 LGBT Bristol ceased to exist, after 26 years’ service to the LGBT+ communities in Bristol.

Originally established in 1994 as the Bristol Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Forum, the role of the charity was to provide a Forum for LGB people in Bristol and to provide an LGB Voice to Bristol City Council (BCC).  The Council provided core funding for the Forum alongside other Equalities Forums: the Disability Equality Forum, the Women’s Forum, the Older People’s Forum, the Race Forum, the Young People’s Forum and the  Multi-Faith Forum – to  tackle discrimination suffered by protected characteristic communities, along the various strands legislation that would event coalesce into the Single Equality Act 2010.

By 2012  BCC gradually began to cut, and in 2017 to eventually cease funding the majority of the Equality Forums.

LGBT Bristol – trading name of the Bristol Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Forum – continued to operate largely by collaborating with other organisations on specific projects and work while continuing to support individuals and groups with advice and help.  We lost our core funding in the reorganisation of the Equalities section of the  Council, along with the other Fora, and have been running on our reserves for the past year.  This left us to compete with many other organisations for the same, often small pots of funds. Sadly, however, over the past year, only one of our funding applications has been successful – for a strategic  review of the organisation – and we have found it increasingly difficult to engage with our membership and communities.

Covid 19 further exacerbated our position with the suspension of all meetings in person,  we have been unable to reschedule our Annual General Meeting, originally held in December 2019 but it inquorate, owing to particularly wet and stormy weather.

Since then several Trustees have stepped down and only 3 remain, including the Chair and Vice-chair – along with 2 co-optees.

After a poor response to our first appeal, the Management Committee and its co-opted Trustees, reluctantly instructed the Development Manager, Sarah-Louise Minter, to send out a final appeal to the membership and supporterse to signal whether they would wish the Forum  to continue to operate or to close down and donate its funds to a ‘legacy’, unfunded community association run by volunteers, as well as asking that they indicate their willingness to get involved in the first person. The response was so minimal that it constituted a tacit vote in its own right, to close down the Forum.

As a result the remaining Trustees and co-optees set the 30th September 2020 as the closing date, allowing us to comply with Charity Commission regulations, complete the final Accounts. The Charity then closed its bank account, donating residual funds to unfunded LGBT+ organisations operating to a similar set of Objects.

The Trustees and Co-optees wish to thank the Forum Manager, Sarah-Louise Minter, for her loyal, skilled and faithful service for the past 17 years, and wish her the very best for the future.

Further thanks to all who have contributed, donated, helped to run and publicise the work of the Charity.

We have asked Pride Bristol to take over maintaining an online database of listings for LGBT+ groups, organisations, venues and services for the Greater Bristol area. Until this is up and running, this website will continue to list organisations already in the database, but no new ones will be added.
Please note therefore that, as of 30th September 2020 the Charity registered as the Bristol Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Forum, (branded as LGBT Bristol) stopped existong. The mobile number and email address will no longer be operational and any correspondence will be redirected ‘Return To Sender’. This website will be sporadically maintained, as a legacy asset, unutil its hosting contract expires. Any legacy sites created to memorialise LGBT Bristol will be publicised here or on its legacy FB Page


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