About us

Who we are

LGBT Bristol is the brand name of the Bristol Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Forum.

The Forum was originally established in 1994 and became  a Registered Charity No. 1098085 in 2003.   We are currently seeking funding for our core work.

What we do 

  • We challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in Bristol and the wider community.
  • We circulate and publicise information about local and national LGBT+ support groups and events.
  • We promote services, events and social groups that are targeted at LGBT+ communities in Bristol and the surrounding area.
  • We reply to the many email, phone and text enquiries for help and support.  Signposting enquiries to specialist help where it exists.
  • We provide affordable LGBT+ awareness training and support organisations and business to develop LGBT+ welcoming and supporting environments for clients and staff.

Our aims

  • That Bristol City should be a place where LGBT+ people can live free from hatred, prejudice, persecution and discrimination – and where they are entitled to equal treatment, respect and feel valued for their contributions.
  • That schools ensure that they provide a supportive and welcoming environment for all LGBT+ young people and children of LGBT+ families and that they are free from all forms of bullying.
  • That service providers recognise the particular needs of the growing number of older LGBT+ people – for help in care with ill health, disability, bereavement and isolation.
  • That Bristol’s LGBT+ communities and venues respect all strands of all minority groups and are supportive of LGBT+ people who identify with more than one equality group (intersectional – eg. asian disabled gay man, black lesbian single parent).