Rainbow wheelchair logoWorking towards full accessibility

The Forum is committed to being fully accessible, however, at present we are working to a large number of targets with limited capacity.

We ask you to please be patient as we try to fund-raise to add tools to our website to make it fully accessible to people who are visually impaired.  In the meanwhile we are committed to reviewing all images and links to add descriptions for screen readers.

High contrast, text resizing and other, more sophisticated screen controls will require tailored coding, for which we simply haven’t the funds, at present.  As soon as we can we shall either try find a Web Company prepared to donate its time to design our visual accessibility tools, or organise fundraising to buy/develop a suitable product.

In the meanwhile, please find instructions on how to resize text on your screen here.

Similarly, we cannot afford to hire BSL interpreters for all our events, and so we ask that you give us as much notice as possible, if you plan to attend one of them and require BSL interpreters.  They always work in pairs, alternating for relatively short stints, because the work is very tiring.  This means that a) they are expensive, and b) they need 3-6 weeks notice, to ensure that two are free to attend.  While we understand that not everyone is in a position to say this far in advance whether they will attend a meeting, we would like to encourage anyone who is fairly certain to let us know as soon as possible.  Bear in mind also, though, that they do charge a cancellation fee.

Thank you for your patience.

Part A

LGBT Bristol seeks to be accessible to all LGBT+ people. In doing so it ensures:

  • our office is physically accessible;
  • all our meetings – management committee, AGM and open meetings – are held in fully accessible venues and hearing loops, PA’s, BSL interpreters and help with travel/childminding is provided for meetings, where we are given advance notice that they will be required;
  • whenever possible, all meetings with other agencies and professionals take place in accessible venues;
  • with notice, all information can be provided in the most accessible format for you;
  • we have an Easy English “landing page”

Part B

Accessibility is also about culture and we are actively working to ensure that we are welcoming to all.  Part of this includes regularly identifying the priorities, needs and barriers to participation of all LGBT+ communities – especially those currently under-represented within our service provision and membership. This information will then be used to develop the information/ support and services that meet the identified needs.

This is a long-term commitment and will be dependent upon time, resources and capacity.  Our current priorities reaching less visible members of our community and addressing discrimination experienced by current and potential members who are:

  • Black and Minority Ethnic
  • people of Faith
  • people who identify as having a disability
  • older people, over 65yrs old
  • people living in residential or sheltered housing

We regularly monitor our membership to establish whether we are achieving these goals so, if you are a member and have received your anonymous monitoring form, we would be very grateful if you could return it to us at :

Sarah Minter, The Park, Daventry Road, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 1DQ

Thank you.

The Website Team.