We hope the following contact information will be of help and interest to all people who identify as Bi-Sexual. Please keep us informed of any new venues or organisations that would be of interest to others.


Photo of BCC A-Z of services for LGB people
BCC A-Z of services for LGB people
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Photo of Bi Visible Bristol
Bi Visible Bristol
Website: Visit Website
Bivisible Bristol is a new and informal group/network. It was set up to address the seeming lack of any bisexual presence in Bristol. At the moment, an internet search of “bisexual” and “Bristol” yields no useful results, the same is true for social networking sites. There are no services, groups or entertainment specifically for bisexual people in Bristol. It is our opinion that this needs to change. Bisexually identified people can experience unique discrimination from both the gay and straight communities and are also frequently ‘invisible’ in society, despite the fact that every LGB(T) agency has the “B” in their name and bisexual people tend to outnumber gay and lesbian people combined. This group hopes to highlight that Bristol is not a bi invisible city by offering occasions to meet and chat with other bisexual people
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Photo of Bristol Bear Bar
Bristol Bear Bar
Other 2 West Street Old Market Bristol BS2 0BH
Website: Visit Website

Bristol Bear Bar is the only bespoke Bear Bar in the UK. A great range of music and the atmosphere created by the friendly and unique clientele attracts people from across the whole of the south of the country.  Open Tuesday to Thursday 7:30-11:30 pm, Friday and Saturday 7pm-2am, Sunday 3-11:30pm.

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Photo of Bristol Panthers FC
Bristol Panthers FC
Men only
Website: Visit Website

Bristol’s premier gay-friendly football club – Affiliated to the GFSN National League, National Cup & South West League

Site currently being updated, please contact if you need to get in touch

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Photo of Gay men’s book group
Gay men’s book group
Men only
Website: Visit Website

The group started off about six years ago and has members from a mixture of ages and backgrounds. The turnout varies between six and fourteen people, though we have about forty people on  the list of members.  The books we read vary from ‘light’ to ‘heavy’, usually written either by or about gay men. Anyone is free to choose a book but they don’t necessarily have to introduce it themselves. Discussions are quite lively: we have one member (me) who loves virtually every book fairly uncritically and one who virtually savages every book (but he is quite gentle really!).

We meet monthly, usually Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, at 7.30 for 8 in a member’s flat in the centre of Bristol and chat over a glass of wine, beer or cup of coffee.

Some people turn up to every meeting; others choose which meetings to attend according to whichever book is being discussed at any given time. Either is fine!

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Photo of Indigo Bristol
Indigo Bristol
Contact: Anna
Website: Indigo Bristol

Indigo Bristol ♀ – A relaxed, informal, networking group for lesbian/bi/queer women – meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month and share ideas, laughter, time and experience. — INDIGO BRISTOL NETWORKING:  8pm onwards — We know that there are thousands of women in the South West who yearn for a friendly space where they can chat to like-minded folk, without shouting over Kylie or the shoulders of giants. “‘It’s not about grey-suits, fast cars, bonuses and golf handicaps. It’s about genuinely connecting with people for both business and social gain.” Indigo Bristol launched in April 2010 and offers business, social and networking opportunities. Established and run by an all-female team, we will be looking to supplement the drinks socials with high quality events and high profile speakers & performers.  Check their website for latest events including Hush Club nights.

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Photo of Naz Project London
Naz Project London
Other 30 Blacks Road London W6 9DT
Work Phone: 0208 741 1879 Work Fax: 0208 741 9609 Website: Visit Website

HIV, AIDS and sexual health services for South Asian, Middle Eastern, Horn of Africa, Latin America and excluded communities. A lesbian, gay and bisexual run organisation.

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Photo of Rainbow Pilgrims
Rainbow Pilgrims
Website: Visit Website

Rainbow Pilgrims is a project that explores the history of LGBTQI migrants in the UK both past and present using oral history, film and photography. Hosts a touring exhibition with pop-up events and learning tools.

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Photo of Safra Project
Safra Project
Work Phone: 07941 659320 Website: Visit Website

The Safra Project is a resource project working on issues relating to lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender women who identify as Muslim religiously and/or culturally .

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Photo of Sociability

An online discussion network for women to arrange civilised social activities, organise transport sharing to events, and general sharing of information in Bristol and thereabouts. Activities so far have included cinema visits, dining out, the prospect of an allotment group emerging, and really anything at all that people feel inclined to suggest. If you’d like to join the network, please send your email address to:

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