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Why Age of Diversity?

Age of Diversity was set up to be a continuing voice for older lesbian gay bisexual and trans (LGBT) people, after the closing of the organisation Polari which worked in this field.

We currently maintain this website, with helpful information resources (many from Polari) about older LGBT people. We have also published new research (Appropriate Treatment which is about older LGB people’s experience of general practice) and this is available on our website.

What about Age UK?

We work closely with Age UK and any other organisations that are providing services that empower older LGBT people and improve the quality of our lives.

And local groups for older LGBT people?

There are some excellent groups around the UK — see our Links page — we’re very keen to network with them, promote co-operation, and exchange views between all groups interested in the needs of older LGBT people.

Thie future

We are pleased that Age UK Opening Doors and other organisations have taken up the work on older LGBT people’s needs. Age of Diversity is not currently active in organising with older LGBT people and we concentrate on maintaining the information resource that is our website.

Lindsay River, our convenor, is occasionally able to give talks.


Appropriate Treatment, published by Age of Diversity on the 9th of November 2011, is a report by Lindsay River on a survey of older LGB people about their experiences of general practice, illustrated with drawings and charts.

The “Download” link below will take you to the full 91-page report, but you can also download the 8-page Executive Summary or view some comments by older LGB people, selected from the report, and there’s more about the launch event on our News pages.