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Project Manager – Service Development Bristol & The South West. Contact: Mijanou Blech
Other 8 -10 West Street St. Philip’s Bristol BS2 0BH UK Office Phone: 07721166161 Emergency: 07467306483 Website: Akt Website
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AKT is now offering services for vulnerable LGBTQ+ young people in Bristol. Mijanou Blech is the Project Manager responsible forĀ  Service Development in Bristol & The South West.

Phone 07721166161

Please note I work part time.
pronouns: she/her

Categories: Advice, Help and Support, Alcohol & Drugs, Asexual/Demisexual, Bisexual, BME, Children, Faith, Families, Gay men, Homelessness, Homophobia, Housing, Immigrants, Intersex, Lesbians, LGBT Parents, Non-binary, Queer, Refugees & Asylum sekers, Trans, Youth
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