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Bristol Multifaith Forum

NOT LGBT Contact: Farzana Saker
Other Barton Hill Settlement 43 Ducie Road Barton Hill Bristol BS5 0AX Mobile: Contact Lily Khandker on 07789 040267 Website: Visit Website
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Bristol Multi Faith Forum (BMFF) was established in 2004 following consultation with the city’s faith communities and community sector.  The format for BMFF is one that has been developed through the feedback of the faith communities whilst also considering the wider city objectives in association with the Bristol Partnership, Safer Bristol and the city Council. During 2007 became an independent body funded by the Council. A development worker, Irene Prentice, was appointed in October to develop the objectives of BMFF.  The Forum meets every other month, at venues of the members. BMFF seeks to achieve its aims by:

  • Giving a voice for people of faith following a decade where faith has been greatly sidelined.
  • Serving as a Forum for Faith Communities to enter into dialogue with each other and with relevant organs of the statutory, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Developing and nurturing leadership in the faith communities, in partnership with those communities, in order to do the above and also to be a platform for focus on commonalities and shared objectives amongst the faiths.

These are the offices of ISR. Meetings of the forum rotate through the main meeting places of each of the member faiths (mosques, temples, churches, synagogues etc).  You can contact the Forum through:

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