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Developing Health & Independence

Work 15/16 Milsom Street Somerset Bath BA1 1DE Office Phone: 01225 478 730 Website: Adult drug & alcohol treatment Website: Young people’s drug & alcohol services Website: Housing provision
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We work with disadvantaged people and those who need a bit of extra help to be able to live independently

We offer a range of services in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Adult drug & alcohol treatment

Our adult substance misuse services are all about helping people to make the connections that allow them to overcome their unhealthy relationship with drugs and/or alcohol.

Whether you are preparing to make changes, building your recovery or wanting to prevent relapses, we will be able to provide free and confidential help.

We pride ourselves on being rooted in the communities we work in, delivering our services in places that feel comfortable and drawing on the experiences of people who are in recovery from substance misuse.

Getting back on track

We run services to help young people (aged 13-17):

  • understand the facts and the risks around using drugs and alcohol
  • reduce the harm done by using drugs and alcohol
  • reduce or stop their drug or alcohol use

We do this in a number of ways, including through one-to-one sessions and outreach work in schools, colleges and communities.

All our services are free and confidential, and we aim to provide a flexible and non-judgemental space for young people to be open about the problems they are facing.

A place to call home

DHI was first set up to bridge the gap between drugs services and housing services. One of our founding principles is that stable accommodation is essential for someone to live their life to their full potential. We cannot expect someone to recover from a drug or alcohol problem, overcome mental health difficulties or hold down a job while they don’t have a safe and secure place to call home.

We provide housing in two ways:

  • Home Turf Lettings, our social lettings agency
  • Supported Housing

Safe and secure tenancies

Finding and maintaining suitable and secure housing can be difficult for many people. We provide practical and emotional support to people who need this help. Everyone’s barriers to housing and individual needs are different though, so our services reflect that. We look at the person and not the label when deciding what support to offer.

Making connections

Community wellbeing services (or ‘social prescribing’) helps people to overcome both physical and mental health issues by making connections with the people they need to support them.

This can be everything from directing someone towards a housing and debt advice service, or linking them up with an art group. Issues like stress, loneliness and anxiety can cause severe health problems, but can often be minimised or eliminated with small changes.

Families & carers services

Put your own life mask on first

“Always put your own life mask on before trying to help someone else”. You’ve probably heard that on a plane before, and the same sentiment applies when you are caring for someone with a drug and alcohol problem.

When a family member or carer is stressed and not coping, they are at risk of burning out and are less able to help their loved one with their recovery.

We have physical services in some areas, but we have also developed a free and confidential web service that can be used by anyone. webFAM will help you assess your own needs, give you some advice and point you towards services that can help.

Try webFAM now


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