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Rainbow Group – BCC LGBT Employees

Other c/o Equality and Community Cohesion Team Bristol City Council, 100 Temple Street PO Box 3176 Bristol BS3 9FS Mobile: 0117 922 2661 Media: 0117 903 6427
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The Rainbow Group is a self-organising group (SOG) for lesbian, gay and bisexual council employees. The group has been actively involved in developing Council policies challenging discrimination and homophobia in the workplace, including the Council’s Equalities Policy and anti-harassment guidance.

Contact:  (Equalities Team) Email: equalities.team@bristol.gov.uk The Rainbow Group is the self-organised group for lesbian, gay and bisexual employees of the council. The aims of the group are to raise awareness, to act against discrimination in the workplace, to provide support to its members in the workplace, to advise on service provision and the development of employment policies and practice and to work towards diversity and equality for all its members.

If you would like to know more about the group or wish to become a member, you can either contact the Equalities and Social Inclusion Team (see below) or, if you are an employee, visit the group’s site on the council’s intranet.  Alternatively email rainbow@bristol.gov.uk

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