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Schools Out

Home BM Schools OUT London WC1N 3XX Helpline: Female: Sue Sanders 07960 493 544 Helpline: Male: Tony Fenwick 01582 451 424 Media: Tony Fenwick 01582 451424 Website: Schools Out
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Our over-arching aim is to make our schools safe and inclusive for everyone. To do this we need:

  1. To provide both a formal and informal support network for all people who want to raise the issue of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism in education.
  2. To campaign on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans issues as they affect education and those in education.
  3. To research, debate and stimulate curriculum development on LGBT issues.
  4. To work towards unison between teacher and lecturer unions and other professional stakeholders in education
  5. To promote equality, safety and visibility in education for LGBT people and all the protected characteristics
Categories: Advice, Help and Support, Bullying, England & Wales, Helplines, Homophobia, Suicide, Transphobia, Violence, Youth