Photo of BSL Forum
BSL Forum
NOT LGBT Contact: Iain Sutherland
Other Deaf Forum, Bristol City Council College Green Bristol BS1 5TR
Website: http://bslforum.blogspot.com/

Bristol BSL forum has been set up to make sure that deaf people in Bristol can have fair access to council services. For more information, please contact: Carolyn Nabarro or Iain Sutherland, Development Worker

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Chronic Illness Queers

Group for LGBTQ+ people with chronic illnesses or disabilities

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Photo of Deafab LGBT Group
Deafab LGBT Group
Cell Phone: 07966 217 543 Website: Visit Website

DEAFAB is a party weekend for the UK’s deaf gay, lesbians and transgendered people.  Many of its members socialise through GABIAN. See their webpage for latest events.

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Photo of GABIAN Bristol Deaf LGBT Group
GABIAN Bristol Deaf LGBT Group

Bristol-based LGBT Deaf social group, meet every four months. Contact on the Facebook Group (open)

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Photo of Gay Disability UK (Yahoo Group)
Gay Disability UK (Yahoo Group)
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GayDisabilityUK/

Are you a Disabled Lesbian,Gay Man, Bisexual or Trans Person in the UK.This Group is for YOU. Quite often we are isolated with little or no contact with others. Many experience hostility or rejection. Some of us require greater accessibility to clubs, and pubs, a lot more can be done to welcome us. Exclusion from gay venues by our non-disabled peers is particularly hard to take. This list offers a befriending/pen-pal service to help address the isolation experienced by LGBT People with disabilities in the UK.When you join please introduce yourself.The list is also here so that you can express your views in a safe envronment. GayDisability UK would like information of venues and services of disability gay friendly places. Please email information of organisations, clubs, pubs groups etc, so that the information can be shared with other members of the list.

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Photo of GEMMA
Other GEMMA BM Box 5700 London WC1N 3XX

Set-up to lessen the isolation of disabled lesbian and bisexual women via a national friendship network, quarterly newsletter and socials. Newsletter is in standard print, large print, tape and Braille. Membership is open to disabled and non-disabled women (minimum age 16).

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Photo of Regard UK
Regard UK
Other BM REGARD, London WC1N 3XX
Website: Visit Website

REGARD is a national, volunteer run organisation of disabled lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people.   Our aims are:   1. To offer information and advice to our members and disabled LGBT people 2. To combat the social isolation of our members 3. To advocate disabled issues to the LGBT community and LGBT issues to the disabled community. 4. To campaign on issues affecting disabled LGBT people   We have a newsletter and also a couple of online groups for our members: Regard Online for news and notices; and Regard Chat for discussion and more social contacts. For further information, please contact us through secretary@regard.org.uk or write to us at BM Regard, London WC1N 3XX, or on Facebook here

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