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  1. Kenny We used a law firm in Italy to represent us as this type of perimt is fairly new and has not been done too many times. Many states within Italy might not even be familiar with it, however it is a law now in effect since October 26, 2012. We obtained ours at the Questura (immigration police station) in Trento. It has also been successfully approved in Milan and a few other areas. Our attorney is with Mazzeschi Law Firm. They were a referal to me by Immigration Equality but by coincidence, they were also the immigration law firm that my employer was using to get me transferred here. You can start with them for extended advice. My attorney there was Giuditta Petrini and her email address is If you don’t speak Italian, Ms. Petrini speaks excellent English. I highly recommend them. The fee’s for our case ran about 1,100 euro. In order to qualify for the residency perimt, you must be legally married in a country that perimts same-sex marriages or in one of the 9 states plus Washington DC inside the U.S. There are a few other requirements that they can go over with you but the one thing that I was most pleased with was the fact that I did not have to apply for any type of Visa at a Italian Consulate inside the U.S. I entered Italy with just my U.S. passport and brought all of my documents with me. Once you have applied, and even before it’s been approved, you would be given a receipt that becomes your temporary perimt of stay until a decision is rendered on your application. They told me to expect a 30 to 60 day wait for a decision but surprisingly it was approved in only 8 days. If you were married in the U.S., you marriage certificate would have to be translated and Apostiled from English to Italian by an approved translator at an Italian Consulate in the U.S. The certificates would then be taken to that consulate for the translation to be validated. There are other form that your partner would have to submit here in Italy as well but it’s a relatively simple process.

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