Photo of LGBT General Helpline (London Friend)
LGBT General Helpline (London Friend)
Home Phone: 020 7837 3337
Categories: Advice & Help, Helplines, HIV/AIDS, LGBT, London, Mental Health, Suicide, Support groups, UK
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Photo of Naz Project London
Naz Project London
Other Palingswick House 241 King Street London W6 9LP
Work Phone: 0208 741 1879 Work Fax: 0208 741 9609 Website:
Categories: Advice & Help, Bisexual, BME, Counselling, HIV/AIDS, London, Men, UK
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Photo of Terence Higgins Trust
Terence Higgins Trust
Other 8 West Street Old Market Bristol BS2 0BH
Work Phone: 0117 955 1000 Work Fax: 0117 954 1200 Website: Visit Website
Categories: All Bristol areas, HIV/AIDS, Sexual Health
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Photo of The Harbour
The Harbour
Other 30 Frogmore Street Bristol BS1 5NA
Work Phone: 0117 925 9348 Website:
Categories: All Bristol areas, Bereavement, Counselling, HIV/AIDS, Life-threatening illness
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