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Photo of Deafab LGBT Group
Deafab LGBT Group
Cell Phone: 07966 217 543 Website: Visit Website

DEAFAB is a party weekend for the UK’s deaf gay, lesbians and transgendered people.  Many of its members socialise through GABIAN. See their webpage for latest events.

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Photo of Demi Pride  FB Group
Demi Pride FB Group
Demisexual Men and Women

A demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction until they form a strong emotional connection with someone, often (but not always) in a romantic relationship. The term demisexual comes from the orientation being “halfway between” sexual and asexual. Nevertheless, this term does not mean that demisexuals have an incomplete or half-sexuality, nor does it mean that sexual attraction without emotional connection is required for a complete sexuality. In general, demisexuals are not sexually attracted to anyone of any gender; however, when a demisexual is emotionally connected to (usually in love with but sometimes feel strongly as friends) someone else, the demisexual experiences sexual attraction and desire, but only towards the specific partner or partners.

When describing demisexuality as an orientation to sexuals, sexuals often mistake it as an admirable choice rather than an innate orientation. Demisexuals are not choosing to abstain; they simply lack sexual attraction until a close relationship is formed.

For the full Wiki visit  http://www.asexuality.org/wiki/index.php?title=Demisexual

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Photo of Depend – support for transgender and transsexual people and their families
Depend – support for transgender and transsexual people and their families
NOT LGB specifically
Other BM Depend London WC1N 3XX
Website: http://www.depend.org.uk/

Depend is a voluntary organisation whose aim is to provide support, advice and information for anyone who knows, or is related to, a transsexual person in the UK. They provide a space and carry a lot of information, as well as personal stories by/for partners, ex partners, parents, children, family members and friends of transgender and transsexual people in the UK. Their site aims to provide the following:

  • News of the latest developments from within our organisation and relevant sources from around the UK and abroad.
  • Information for visitors who would like to learn more about Transsexualism in general and treatment of the condition.
  • Access to free support, in many forms, for anyone in the UK, who has come to know a transsexual person as a friend, colleague or family member.
  • A place where people in similar situations and circumstances can meet to exchange experiences and information.
  • An opportunity for visitors and supporters to help us develop Depend into an invaluable network of support and resources for the friends and family of transsexual people in the UK.
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Photo of Dining Out
Dining Out
Other 7, St Gabriel’s Business Park St Gabriel’s Road Bristol BS5 0RT
Website: http://www.diningoutevents.co.uk/

Dining Out is a new exciting addition to Bristol’s lesbian & gay community offering a unique “culinary speakeasy” style dining experience. Our innovative approach to food, using the best ingredients and a stylish presentation, makes it the perfect place to take old friends and meet new ones.

Behind Dining Out lies a creative and talented team of lesbian & gay hospitality professionals, all dedicated to making your dining experience a memorable one.  Each of us are highly skilled in our chosen areas of the profession; we include award-winning chefs, experienced event managers, skilled waiting staff, sommeliers, baristas & mixologists.  Together we have a clear mission, to establish a new up- market city-centre venue where Bristol’s lesbian & gay community can dine & socialise in style.

Our passion for high quality food together with the informal dining style offered by pop-up restaurants has been the inspiration behind Dining Out. We want to take the popular concept of the “pop-up” out of peoples’ homes and re-locate it in a smart city-centre venue, while at the same time, maintaining the “word-of-mouth” nature that surrounds such events – all because we kind of like it….

Beginning in April 2011 we are launching a series of such events in central Bristol for lesbian and gay foodies, including our informal supper club, bistro nights and wine tasting & dating events

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Photo of Directory of Bristol Support Groups
Directory of Bristol Support Groups

Bristol City Council’s Directory of Support Groups

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Photo of Dykes on Bykes
Dykes on Bykes
Women and Children Only
Cell Phone: 07813754291 Website: Visit Website

Dykes on Bikes run regular women only cycle rides that go at an easy pace, with stops and breathers as required.  Children are always welcome.  Contact Rachel

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