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Photo of GABIAN Bristol Deaf LGBT Group
GABIAN Bristol Deaf LGBT Group

Bristol-based LGBT Deaf social group, meet every four months. Contact on the Facebook Group (open)

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Photo of Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association (GALVA)
Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association (GALVA)
Website: Visit Website

The Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association is an international organization dedicated to the teachings of Lord Caitanya, the importance of all-inclusiveness within His mission, and the Vedic concept of a natural third gender. Its purpose is to educate Vaishnavas, Hindus and the public in general about the “third sex” as described in Vedic literatures. This knowledge will help to correct many of the common misconceptions that people hold today concerning third-gender people (gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, the intersexed, etc.). In addition to this, GALVA wishes to provide a friendly and positive-oriented place where third-gender devotees and guests can associate together and utilize their time to learn more about Krsna consciousness and advance in spiritual life.

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Photo of Gay Disability UK (Yahoo Group)
Gay Disability UK (Yahoo Group)
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GayDisabilityUK/

Are you a Disabled Lesbian,Gay Man, Bisexual or Trans Person in the UK.This Group is for YOU. Quite often we are isolated with little or no contact with others. Many experience hostility or rejection. Some of us require greater accessibility to clubs, and pubs, a lot more can be done to welcome us. Exclusion from gay venues by our non-disabled peers is particularly hard to take. This list offers a befriending/pen-pal service to help address the isolation experienced by LGBT People with disabilities in the UK.When you join please introduce yourself.The list is also here so that you can express your views in a safe envronment. GayDisability UK would like information of venues and services of disability gay friendly places. Please email information of organisations, clubs, pubs groups etc, so that the information can be shared with other members of the list.

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Photo of Gay men’s book group
Gay men’s book group
Men only
Website: Visit Website

The group started off about six years ago and has members from a mixture of ages and backgrounds. The turnout varies between six and fourteen people, though we have about forty people on  the list of members.  The books we read vary from ‘light’ to ‘heavy’, usually written either by or about gay men. Anyone is free to choose a book but they don’t necessarily have to introduce it themselves. Discussions are quite lively: we have one member (me) who loves virtually every book fairly uncritically and one who virtually savages every book (but he is quite gentle really!).

We meet monthly, usually Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, at 7.30 for 8 in a member’s flat in the centre of Bristol and chat over a glass of wine, beer or cup of coffee.

Some people turn up to every meeting; others choose which meetings to attend according to whichever book is being discussed at any given time. Either is fine!

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Photo of Gay West
Gay West
Other GayWest PO Box 586 Bath BA1 2YQ
Work Phone: 0800 321 3083 Website: Visit Website

Serving the South West’s gay community since 1982 We are the longest running group in the South West of England for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people, providing a safe and supportive social group in Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas. We are here for people who wish to make new friends, are on their own, have just come out (usually later in life) or are not ‘scene’ orientated. So if you want to meet others and make new friends read these pages and get in touch. We are always happy to welcome new members!Our Aims:

  • To provide social activities, information and support services
  • To work with other groups and organisations towards an integrated gay community
  • To promote the principle of absolute equality before the law for homosexuals and heterosexuals
  • To take up local issues which affect gay people.
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Photo of GEMMA
Other GEMMA BM Box 5700 London WC1N 3XX

Set-up to lessen the isolation of disabled lesbian and bisexual women via a national friendship network, quarterly newsletter and socials. Newsletter is in standard print, large print, tape and Braille. Membership is open to disabled and non-disabled women (minimum age 16).

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Photo of Gendered Intelligence
Gendered Intelligence
Trans Youth Work
Home The Station Silver Street Bristol BS1 2AG
Website: Visit Website

Bristol Youth Group for under 21 year olds, welcomes trans, non-binary, gender variant and questioning young people.

More details of the support groups, including times and dates, are on the website.

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