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Photo of Terence Higgins Trust
Terence Higgins Trust
Other 8 West Street Old Market Bristol BS2 0BH
Work Phone: 0117 955 1000 Work Fax: 0117 954 1200 Website: Visit Website

Information, care and support, and health promotion for all people affected by HIV and AIDS. Counselling, buddying, complementary therapies, advocacy and advice..  Opening hours: 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday

Categories: All Bristol areas, HIV/AIDS, Sexual Health
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Photo of The Bridge Foundation
The Bridge Foundation
Work 13 Sydenham Road Cotham Bristol BS6 5SH
Home Phone: 0117 9424510 Website: http://www.bridgefoundation.org.uk/

The Bridge Foundation

The Bridge Foundation for Psychotherapy and the Arts, a registered charity established in 1984, provides a range of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and counselling services. We are a well established Bristol based organisation with a strong commitment to providing accessible, high quality clinical services to a wide range of individuals and families. Alongside our fee paying services, we are committed to delivering accessible free counselling services for parents previously underserved by such services.

We are interested in the application of psychoanalytic thinking and we also provide a programme of conferences throughout the year. Alongside clinical work, The Bridge Foundation has developed an interest in the healthy functioning of teams, groups and organisations and offers consultancy to public and independent organisations.

Categories: Bereavement, Counselling, Relationships, Support groups
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Photo of The Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES)
The Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES)
Trans people
Work Melverley, The Warren Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2SP
Work Phone: 01372 801554 Work Fax: 01372 272297 Website: http://gires.org.uk/index.php

An organisation offering free, confidential and non-judgemental advice, information and support to all family members, spouses, partners and friends of transsexual people in the UK.

Categories: Advice & Help, Families, Intersex, Non Binary, Queer, Trans, Transphobia, UK, Websites
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Photo of The Gin Palace
The Gin Palace
Other 1 West St Old Market Bristol BS2 0DF

Under new management from Sept 2012. On the corner of the main strip, in Old Market, is what used to be referred to as ‘The Gin Palace”,  The unusual building is a delight to the senses, including its infamous sloping floor and camp decor. It’s one of the ‘happening’ places in Bristol’s LGBT Village. Drinks promotions, game nights, karaoke and cabaret acts contribute to creating the vibrant atmosphere of  The Palace. join them on Facebook

Categories: All Bristol areas, LGBT Businesses, Venues
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Photo of The Harbour
The Harbour
Other 30 Frogmore Street Bristol BS1 5NA
Work Phone: 0117 925 9348 Website: Visit Website
The Harbour
Providing free, professional counselling and psychotherapy to
individuals and couples affected by HIV, AIDS & other life
threatening illnesses.30 Frogmore St, Bristol:
Categories: All Bristol areas, Bereavement, Counselling, HIV/AIDS, Life-threatening illness
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Photo of The LGBT Foundation
The LGBT Foundation
Other Number 5, Richmond Street Manchester M1 3HF
Home Phone: 08453 303030 Work Phone: 0345 3 30 30 30 Website: Visit Website

The LGBT Foundation is a vibrant charity with a wide portfolio of well-established services and a rapidly developing range of new initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. We campaign for a fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay and bisexual people can achieve their full potential, and our mission is: ‘Ending Homophobia, Empowering People.’ The LGF is a registered charity (No. 1070904) and a company limited by guarantee (No.3476576). You can give us a call any time between 9am until 5pm on a week day (excluding bank holidays and religious festivals).

Categories: Advice & Help, LGBT, Support groups, UK, Websites
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Photo of The Old Market Tavern
The Old Market Tavern
LGBT Contact: Rich
Other 29-30 Old Market Street Old Market Bristol BS2 0HB
Work Phone: 0117 922 6123 Website: Visit Website

The Old Market Tavern in Old Market – also referred to as ‘The Gay Village’ in Bristol, is a traditional pub with a beer garden, conservatory that offers the best of both world: a quiet pub atmosphere in the week and a lively, friendly venue at the weekend. Fabulous old-fashioned Wadsworth boozer with good-quality ales – the best pint of 6X in the city? …one of the busiest lunch destinations in the area, thanks to a small but excellent menu full of good-value homecooked meals and a bargain Sunday roast. Hugely popular with office workers by day and part of Bristol’s thriving gay scene by night. …Warm, friendly, with secluded beer garden and glazed conservatory to make the most of the sun.   Venue Magazine Drinking Out West guide 2006

Bingo night – Thursdays

Late night opening Friday and Saturday

Categories: All Bristol areas, Gay men, LGBT, Venues
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Photo of The Queen’s Shilling
The Queen’s Shilling
Other 9 Frogmore Street Bristol BS1 5NA
Work Phone: 0117 927 7070 Website: Visit Website

The Queenshilling is the oldest gay bar in Bristol but remains one of the most popular and vibrant venues in the City Centre.  Open Friday 9pm – 4am (£3 charge after 11pm), Saturday 9pm – 4am (£4 charge after 11pm), Karaoke on Mondays  9pm – 2am – No charge.  Visit their website http://www.queenshilling.com or join them on Facebook

Categories: All Bristol areas, LGBT, LGBT Businesses, Venues
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Contact: Jo Bligh
Home Exchange Old Market Bristol
Cell Phone: 07545 870 716 Website: Thorny
Categories: Music, Venues
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Photo of Trans Bristol
Trans Bristol
NB: FB Page for Trans people only
Website: Visit Website

The intention behind TransBristol is to create a safe space where trans identified people in the Bristol area can share ideas, provide support and plan things. This WordPress site will act (for the moment, at least) as a platform for ordering and accessing information . There is a Facebook group where you can input ideas and discuss stuff. There is also an e-mail address: transbristol@gmail.com We hope to develop in a non-hierarchical, co-operative and consensual decision-making sort of way. If you want to get involved, that would be great. If you want to stand at the side, that’s also fine. This site is a work in progress. Just at the moment, it’s just me, Dru, putting information in and hoping for the best. If there’s something you think should be on this site, let me know! Further admins will probably get involved later. The Facebook group is the place for free-for-alls. Play nicely! Update: been adding pages of info and links. They reflect my own perspective, and so are weighted in a slightly MtF way. Hopefully this will change as more people get involved. We want as many perspectives as possible. Binary, non-binary, genderqueer, whatever. Anything under the trans umbrella should belong here.

Categories: All Bristol areas, Intersex, Non Binary, Social groups, Social networks, Support groups, Trans, Transphobia, Websites
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Photo of Trans Pride South West
Trans Pride South West
Categories: Non Binary, Pride, Trans, Transphobia, Transsexual
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Photo of TransMen Together
TransMen Together
Trans FtM

This web portal intends to be the most comprehensive information pool for all people who were assigned the female sex status at birth but feel they don’t or might not fit into that category. New pages are added regularly. If you would like to be informed about new pages please join the mailinglist here. It is safe to sign up as I never share your email address with anybody, ever. Please let me know what kind of information or features you are looking for by using the Comments on each page and I will try to add it as soon as possible.

Categories: Support groups, UK, Websites
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Photo of Trinity Youth Association Rainbow
Trinity Youth Association Rainbow
Website: Visit Website

Youth website set up by Trinity Youth Association for young people in the north east of England, but accepts members from all over the UK. Allows young LGBT+ people to talk to each other (chat rooms and forums available if you make an account), seek advice/information and find groups in an area near them. Free to join.

Categories: Advice & Help, Equality Forums, LGBT, Non Binary, Social networks, Support groups, UK, Websites
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