This LGBT Bristol Project has been set up in conjunction with “Walk for Health” in Bristol  with past funding from them, Awards for all and the Lloyds Foundation.

  • A walking group for Bristol LGBT+ people who prefer gentle walks.
  • All ages, abilities and health needs.
  • For walkers, carers and family.
  • Most walks will be wheelchair accessible.
  • Groups led by fully trained walk leaders.
  • Opportunities to be trained as walk leaders.
  • All walks will start and end in a sociable and accessible venue.
  • Special interest walking groups will be set up if there is interest.
Walk Out

Walk Out is a project specifically for LGBT+ people : Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,  Transgender, and the + :  Non-Binary, Questioning, Queer, Gender Fluid, Gender Queer etc – all welcome,  to get together to share time, thoughts and the surprisingly amazing walks in and around Bristol. In partnership with Walk for Health Bristol, this project will bring accessible, gentle and welcoming walking groups to anyone who would like to join.

We am very pleased to be developing this project and hopefully, with your help, making this into something that is healthy and happy!

We want to reach out to people who know they would like to be part of their community but possibly, for lots of different reasons, find it hard to make the first step.  Well the first step is right here.

It is here for those who do not feel as fit as they would like; if you are frustrated by barriers which prevent participation in other leisure activities due to a disability; an older person who would like to combine some healthy exercise with joining their lgbt+ peers; or if you are recovering from illness, going through a difficult time, feeling low or needing motivation .. then THIS IS FOR YOU.

We would like to invite;

– anyone interested in taking part in the walks,

– anyone who has a friend or someone who they would like to    understand the project on their behalf,

– anyone who would like to become a trained volunteer to lead walks

– anyone from an organisation who would like to work in partnership


or please email me or call:

Sarah-Louise Minter

Development Manager and Walkout Co-ordinator


07804 945 849  (Tues – Thurs only)